Noospherium (2010)

Since the inception of radio as a broadcast medium, the earth has been covered by an increasingly dense network of airborne communications. AM/FM/SW and other portions of the radio spectrum can become a medium through which a re-imaging of space is possible. This hertzian space is not defined by surveyed boundaries or geographic constraints, but by field strengths, mass-media service areas and consumer markets. The overlapping spaces defined by these broadcasts can be collectively conceived as an envelope of thought around the world, or Noosphere. The project renders the trasmission-based sphere of human thought as an immersive sonic environment, providing a pansonic/panoptic environment of simultaneous broadcasts. The installation can then be thought of as a phrenologic observatory in which a real-time composition puts as many signals as possible into conversation within the space, allowing for a new characterization of the nature of our collective thoughts.