Fields (2016-)

This work in progress is an attempt to look more closely at Vladimir Vernadsky’s notion of a Noosphere, or field of human consciousness. Vernadsky described the evolution of the Earth as Darwin would living organisms. The Earth was to develop in stages, with the Geosphere, or physical embodiment, first, the Biosphere, or the proliferation of life, second, and the Noopshere, or the Earth’s collective consciousness, third. Vernadsky’s theories in some way anticipated the Anthroposcene as he believed that the actions of humans could greatly impact the Earth- as much as the forces that had initally molded it. My work in A Noospheric Atlas inserts itself into Vernadsky’s theory of Earth development between the Biosphere and the Noosphere. It depicts the communication networks we have created through technological innovation. Fields, however, seeks to understand the forces at play that will shape the coming Noosphere. Fields begins with the Earth and its fields, the Geomagnetic. The Earth’s geomagnetic fields have in part shielded the earth from damaging energies as well as channels those energies to the poles where we witness Auroras and natural radio phenomena in the VLF spectrum. Fields begins to examine the forces that arise from and take part in the molding of the Geosphere.